Humane Live Animal Trap products will be available here soon. We are currently (25 Aug 09) upgrading our web site and hope to incorporate the new line of animal traps with in the next week or two.

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Imagine your Christmas tree snowing.

Vac-U-Seal Vacuum Sealed Plastic Airtight ContainersBuyers looking for something a 'little different' to cheer their premises in the festive session need look no further.

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Our Christmas trees have everything you need to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home, office, business etc.

We have looked at the wide ranging needs of all our customers when it comes to Christmas trees, so we're sure our unique Christmas trees will excite you as it does us.

Our Christmas trees come in lots of different sizes and with lots of added features, as you can see from our catalogue display. They all come with a red umbrella stand, tree, lights, decorations, snow, 12v transformer which can be plugged into your socket and they feature 25 Christmas melodies which can be set on or off with the snow continuously going all the time which can be set by a variable fan speed to suit your needs, they all give the look and feel of real snow. Imagine your Christmas tree snowing.

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Vac-U-Seal Vacuum Sealed Plastic Airtight Containers

A VACuum container which yoU SEAL to make it airtight allowing your food to last longer.

By simply closing the snap down handles and pushing down on centre of lid, this will create your airtight vacuum by forcing the air out through the patented one way valve system, which prevents any air getting back in to the storage container. This method keeps your food fresher for longer periods of time than your normal plastic storage container.

The VAC-U-SEAL vacuum sealed airtight plastic storage container lid is made from polycarbonate resin, this is the same material used to make aircraft windshields hence making this product extremely durable.

The bottom of the airtight storage container is made from polypropylene resin which is the most commonly used plastic in food storage. Since this material has a clean clear plastic this enables you to identify your food easily.VAC-U-SEAL is also safe to use in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher which means you need less containers in your kitchen.

VAC-U-SEAL airtight storage containers are also suitable for steaming and marinating.

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